eZcap Video Capture

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http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/EzCAP-USB-Video-Capture-Device__EF000799.aspx EzCAP is a USB video capture device that connects to your desktop PC or laptop computer via a USB2 port and allows you to capture high quality video from a variety of sources direct to your computer’s hard drive.This handy video capture device is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to transfer old VHS (or even Betamax!) cassettes into a future-proof digital format, capture home-movie footage from a camcorder or even record the output from a SKY box or Freeview tuner.EzCAP is easy to use and has everything you need to get going including a software disc with the PC drivers and even a full copy of Ulead’s VideoStudio SE video editing program to help you turn hours of mundane footage into exciting mini movies! Edited movies can then be outputted as MPEG 1/2 video files or recorded to VCD or DVD.This compact unit has phono inputs for stereo sound, a phono input for composite video and an S-Video input for high quality video found on many camcorders and some video recorders. EzCAP even gets its power from the USB2 connection, reducing clutter on your desk.Use this handy USB 2.0 video capture device for a whole range of uses, including: * Transfer old VHS tapes to DVD * Capture footage from a video camera/camcorder to your PC * Record high quality digital video from a Freeview tuner or SKY box * Edit footage into professional looking, compelling movies * Record output from CCTV security camerasFeatures: * High speed USB2.0 real time video capturing * Includes full version of Ulead VideoStudio SE * Output video to MPEG1/2, VCD or DVD * Composite video or S-Video inputs * Easy to use


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