Game Cube Powerboard

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Description Powerboard is the ultimate GameCube keyboard. Boasting a full keyset and numeric pad, it's the ideal companion to Phantasy Star Online. It looks great next to your Cube too!With a Powerboard to hand, you can type messages to other players with ease, saving your time and effort for the game. It's a nifty piece of kit too. A professional-quality keyboard, even top touch-typists will feel right at home. It's great looking, perfectly matching your console's contours, and is really easy to use. Just plug it into one of your controller ports and you're away!Watch in actionFeatures * The only keyboard available for Nintendo GameCube. * Designed for use with online games including Phantasy Star Online. * High quality, tactile design. * Complete computer-style keyboard including function keys and number pad. * 100% GameCube compatible. * Easy to use - just plug in and play. * Stylish, semi-transparent design


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