V11 Export to Excel/ASCII from Grid Component Part 3

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V10FP6 Alpha Five v11 Export data part 3

(Note: This Feature Pack is sold as an optional add-on in V10 but is included with V11.) The "Export to Excel, ASCII or Custom Format" Feature Pack allows you to export data from a Grid Component to a file that can then be downloaded from the server to the user's machine where the file can be saved. The Feature Pack allows you to: - Export all of the data in the Grid. - Export data for only the records in the current Grid query. - Export data from all of the fields in the Grid. - Export data from selected fields in the Grid. - Export data from some other table (other than the table(s) on which the Grid is based). - Export data in Excel, comma delimited, ASCII, or tab delimited ASCII format. - Export data in any user defined format. - Call server-side and client-side events to completely customize how the Feature Pack works. Limit the number of records that are included in the exported file (to prevent users from downloading files with massive numbers of records). - Put an 'Export to Excel' button in the Grid toolbar. Once the Feature Pack is installed, its functionality is exposed in two ways: 1.A new action is available in Action JavaScript; 2.A new property is available in the Record Navigator/Grid Toolbar section.


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