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Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty following the lives of 12,000 children in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam. Andhra Pradesh Young Lives has been following 3,000 children in 20 different mandals since 2002. This documentary is based on the research findings of Young Lives Study in Andhra Pradesh, India for the second round 2009. The film captures various dimensions of changing face of childhood poverty in Andhra Pradesh. The video gets close to the children of various social groups such as SCs, STs, OBCs (muslim minorities) to understand reasons for –m alnourishment, school drop outs, increasing tendency to shift to low quality private schools, gender biases and positive impact of various social schemes.

The video captures voices of the children articulating impact of rising prices on their families. Rising prices has directly and indirectly impacted poor communities as children struggle to support their families as well as support themselves in education. Though government welfare schemes were able to help families to overcome distress, they are not able to address real problems.
Directed By Vishy


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