Wii Old Skool Controller

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http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/Wii-Old-Skool-Retro-Controller__EF000729.aspx http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/Wii-Old-Skool-Retro-Controller__EF000729.aspx Transport yourself back in time as you enjoy classic games downloaded from the Virtual Console Library the way they were meant to be played; with an original-style controller.Datel’s Old Skool Retro Controller works with any game that uses the Wii’s ‘classic controller’ like all the Virtual Console games but unlike other classic joypads, this one is styled to look like the controller from the original Nintendo Famicom! Now that is old skool!Watch in actionLike the Famicom controller that inspired it, the Old Skool Retro Controller fits comfortably in the hands and its button configuration makes it ideal for retro games, whichever console they were originally programmed for.Stop looking the same as everyone else and start gaming with this piece of console history!Feature * Designed to fit in the palm of your hands for easy gaming * Retro old school styling * Ideal for games downloaded from the Wii™ virtual console library * The Retro Famicom Controller™ is a familiar and a comfortable companion to the Wiimote™ * Works with any game requiring a “Classic Controller” * PLUS Unique ‘turbo’ rapid fire mode


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