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http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/GCNWii-SD-Media-Launcher__EF000589.aspx http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/GCNWii-SD-Media-Launcher__EF000580.aspx There's a wealth of really excellent home brew material out there for the GameCube, but how do you get it to run on your unmodified console? SD Media Launcher for the GameCube and Wii (in GameCube Mode) is the answer.With GameCube/Wii SD Media Launcher, you can run all your home brew Cube software on an unmodified GameCube, or on a Nintendo Wii in GameCube Mode. All you need to do is download the program of your choice from one of the many web pages dedicated to amateur programming on the Cube. Drag and drop it onto your SD card then plug it into your Wii or GameCube. Launch the application CD on your console and the home brew program is run from there. Easy!The pack includes a software CD, a USB SD card adapter and an SD media adapter to fit in your Cube's memory card slot. You’ll also need an SD card to store your home brew software (not supplied). NGC/Wii SD Media Launcher can read cards of up to 4GB in size.Features * Play home brew Cube titles on your Wii or GC. * Easy to use. * Works with SD cards of up to 4GB in size. * All necessary adapters and software are included (SD memory card required).Product Reviews


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