In the Picture - Kate Brooks: A decade on the front line

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A youthful Kate Brooks moved to Pakistan after September 11th 2001 to document the conflicts that flared in the region and make a name for herself as a photojournalist.

The ten years that followed took her through Afghanistan Iraq Lebanon Gaza and beyond. Brooks' images have appeared in The New York Times Magazine Time and Newsweek and she has received a number of international awards.

Her new book In the Light of Darkness records the major conflicts in the Arab world in the past decade from the mountains of Tora Bora in Afghanistan to this year's Arab Spring. The book includes essays she has written to accompany her photography describing her experiences as a female photojournalist in the Muslim world.

Brooks will be speaking at the Frontline Club at an event moderated by Ramita Navai reporter for Channel 4's Unreported World.


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