V11 Action Javascript - User Defined Ajax Callback - Setting Grid Properties on a Callback Part 3

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56 Alpha Five v11 User defined ajax callback part 3

Whenever you perform an operation (e.g. Sorting, Page Navigation, Saving data, etc.) Ajax callbacks are made to the server. These callbacks are system callbacks (i.e. the user does not have to do any programming- Alpha Five generates the callbacks automatically).

There may be situations in which you want to program your own user-defined Ajax callback (for example, to compute shipping charges and taxes on an order). Defining a user-defined Ajax callback can be done easily using Action Javascript. When the callback is made, a user specified Xbasic function is called to handle the callback. This function will typically compute some Javascript commands to send back to the Browser.

This series of videos show how you can use the special e._set object in your callback event handler to set properties in the Grid. In your callback handling event, instead of writing Javascript to send back to the client, you simply set properties of the e._set object and Alpha Five automatically generates the appropriate Javascript response.

Requires build 3517 or above.


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