Hi Res Spy Pen

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There are many reasons why you might want to record high quality
video and audio in a discreet way, and this High Res Mini Digital
Spy Camcorder will enable you to do just that.Spy GearShaped to
look just like an ordinary pen-top sticking out of your shirt
pocket, this mini spy camera can be carried around without
detection, allowing you to capture candid footage of any event. If
you don't want to wear the spy camera as a pen in your top pocket
it is small enough to be placed in a range of locations in a room
and left to record events.Recording videoRecording is started and
stopped using small buttons on the body of the camera with no
lights or other indicators visible on the front of the device (even
through the shirt pocket) ensuring the spy camera will not be
'given away' by any flashing lights or buttons.Video is recorded to
Micro SD memory card**. A 2GB Micro SD memory card is already
included with the camera meaning that you can record over an hour
of standard quality video straight out of the box. If you need even
more capacity the mini camera supports Micro SD cards up to 16GB
meaning that over 3 hours of footage can be recorded at high res,
3.5 hours at lower res (the mini spy camera would need recharging
during this time).Video clips can be captured in HD (1280 x 720)
for best quality picture or lower res (720 x 480) to fit more video
on your memory card.Accessing and viewing videoOnce you've captured
your footage, getting it onto your PC could not be simpler; connect
the spy camera to your computer using its built-in USB connector
and drag-and-drop the video clips onto your PC. Once on your PC,
use Media Player (or similar) to watch the .AVI format clips, edit
them using any editing software or even burn them to a
DVD*.Features * Disguised as a pen-top, carry in your top-pocket. *
Capture clear, sharp images and sound. * Built-in USB connector. *
Easy to use


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