Content is King: The Art & Value of Story Building

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Content is King: The Art & Value of Story Building

Description: Panelists will provide insight into why communication with your audience isn’t just about your product, solution or idea. The session will also discuss how the art of story building will ultimately benefit your bottom line. Additional points discussed include:

* Branding: a consistent message and new stories will separate your brand from the competition, capture customer interest, loyalty and fuel profitability
* Pitching Journalists: within every larger story, there are smaller stories that can be leveraged as pitches to the media, ultimately prompting publicity
* Content is King on the Web: Words drive optimization, not images. The more fresh content you have on your website, the more people will find you

MODERATOR: Rod Kurtz, Executive Editor at AOL Small Business


Dawn Terrick, President & Creative Director of DKT Communications
Fran Biderman-Gross, Founder of Advantages
Susan Lindner, Founder of Lotus Public Relations


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