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http://uk.codejunkies.com/Products/G-Router__EF000363.aspx G-Router
transforms the way you use the internet, with Wi-Fi connectivity
and home networking capabilities. It's ideal for your
internet-capable console such as the PS3, Xbox 360, NDS, Wii or
PSP!The trouble with broadband internet is your service provider
only sends you one free modem. If you've more than one device that
needs broadband access, you're stuck. Until now! G-Router
transforms the way you use the internet, with Wi-Fi connectivity
and home networking capabilities.G-Router is a combined broadband
modem and PC router. If you have more than one PC in the house, you
can use G-Router to provide access for both machines at once. A
home network allows you to share files between computers, and even
share a printer. You can print from any machine in the house,
without moving your printer. You can also use G-Router to connect
videogames consoles to your broadband network for online play,
including your PSP, of course. Basically, it acts like a 'Hotspot'
for online PSP play in your own home!G-Router is also Wi-Fi
capable, so you can share your broadband connection with a Wi-Fi
device such as a PDA or laptop from anywhere in the house. The
router uses the Wi-Fi G standard, so it's up to five times faster
than a standard Wi-Fi connection. Now you need never sacrifice
bandwidth due to transfer lag. Up to four devices can be connected
to the G-Router using Ethernet cables, and up to 16 via Wi-Fi.All
necessary drivers are supplied.Features & Specifications *
Replaces broadband modem. * DSL Configuration: Multimode. * DHCP
Range: to * Connect PCs or games
consoles to the internet. * Carries up to 16 Wi-Fi or four Ethernet
connections. * Uses Wi-Fi G, up to five times faster than standard
Wi-Fi. * LED indicators show power, data transfer and USB/internet
connection.Minimum System Requirements * Pentium MMX 233MHz. *
Ethernet card installed with TCP/IP Protocol (Required onl


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