FIRST WEDNESDAY SPECIAL: Changing world - conflict, culture and terrorism in the 21st century

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BRITAIN. To mark ten years since the terrorists attacks on the
United States the Frontline Club is holding a special event to look
at the extent to which 9/11 has defined our world today and will
continue to shape our future. We will be looking at the "War on
Terror" that followed and the impact of the rhetoric and the
reality of a global battle cast in terms of "good vs. evil": Is it
a war that can be won? What has been the impact on a world that is
increasingly interconnected? We will take stock of the seismic
events the world has witnessed - from wars waged in Iraq and
Afghanistan to terrorists attacks from London to Mumbai and
uprisings across the Middle East and North Africa. Our panel will
also try to make sense of other changes that have taken place -
from increased surveillance to extraordinary rendition - and
examine how the narrative employed by governments leaders and the
media shaped public attitudes. Join us for a special event with a
panel of experts to examine the world today and how the events of
10 years ago have shaped it and will continue to do so. Chaired by
Paddy O'Connell of BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House who was living
and working in New York on 9/11 and anchored the New York end of
the special programme that night for BBC One. Twitter: @paddy_o_c
With: Isabel Hilton international journalist and broadcaster and
editor of She began her career in journalism
with Scottish Television then worked for the Daily Express and the
Sunday Times before joining the launch team for The Independent in
1986. In 1992 she became a presenter of the BBC's flagship news
programme The World Tonight and a columnist for The Guardian. In
1999 she joined the New Yorker as a staff writer. Her work has
appeared in the Financial Times the New York Times the Los Angeles
Times Granta the New Statesman El Pais Index on Censorship and many
other publications. She h


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