Interactive Video for Your Health Network

Why interactive video for your health network?

Craft your message. Engage your employees. Attract more patients.

Viddler's secure video platform allows you to tell your health network's stories. Keep your employees in-the-know with news and updates. Provide your patients with the most effective pre- and post-procedural education. Share your network's culture and successes with your employees, your new recruits, and your potential patients. We streamline your digital storytelling so you can focus on what you do best- healing your community.

Improve patient outcomes.

Engaging, re-watchable, anytime video delivers post-procedural and home
care instructions to patients after discharge. Viddler gives patients easy
access to the information that can help keep them out of the emergency

Generate more word-of-mouth referrals.

66% of new patients find their care provider through friends and family. Your
employees’ friends, family, and neighbors will ask them about care provider
options. Viddler’s patient referral program helps your employees share your network or hospital’s success stories with their communities. Learn more about Viddler’s patient referral program!

Recruit with your best foot forward.

Video can capture your health network's culture and facilities better than
any photo or phone call. Show off what makes your organization special and
gain an edge in today’s competitive labor market.

Train your teams.

Whether for device-specific or procedural training, interactive video is proven
to be more effective and engaging. Viddler's patented interactivity delivers
individual and group insights, so you can be sure your employees are learning.

Transform your communication, build your community, and improve your patient outcomes.

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