The Interactive Video Platform for Businesses

Train more effectively and offer a better experience for your employees

Poor employee training can create unsafe work environments and lead to hundreds of millions of dollars spent on medical and legal expenses each year. Our system helps employees to reach their full potential at work and employers to improve company culture and employee experience. We work with all levels of all companies to ensure a successful program and better business performance.

Video Training for Businesses

You want to improve your training program, and Viddler can help. Our patented interactive video player allows for custom-designed questions right in-player, and for 1-to-1 or peer feedback through in-video comments. Our secure platform can be delivered anywhere, on all devices.

We can enhance your new employee training, sales training, and product/process training. We can also work with your experienced employees to build a knowledge transfer training library, then turn the knowledge and experience they provide into a learning application. No matter the program, advanced user analytics are available to track learning and engagement. Learn how Viddler slashed Chapman Black’s costs and created a unified approach to global team training.

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Improve Your Businesses Employee Experience

Businesses too often lose talent because they fail to engage their employees. Viddler’s interactive video player and secured platform provide a solution to this problem. We have developed programs for businesses in all industries that ensure their employees not only interact with major announcements and updates, but receive peer-to-peer interaction, support, and feedback. We help employees engage with each other and their company on an entirely new level.

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Revamping your training program? Visualizing higher employee engagement?

Revolutionize your business with interactive video. Contact Viddler today to learn how!