Our healthcare client leaders tell us their employees most enjoy informal, engaged learning about each other, their organization, leadership’s plan and of course their own career options – especially during times of organizational change. Leaders further agreed that best results came from a consistent strategy that invites personal employee sharing, earns rewards, and always informs.

How can you know the plan is working? Make sure you’re talking about what’s critical to them.

Engage. Ask. Listen. Repeat.

What every employee wants to know and feel (Our top 6):

  • Does the job fit my career plan?
  • Is the job interesting and challenging?
  • Does the job access my personal strengths or passion?
  • Do I have the flexibility to meet the needs of my work and personal life?
  • Does the job compensation and benefits package meet my family’s needs?
  • If I contribute to success, will I be recognized?

Once employees sense that their leaders understand and are aware of their broad, Maslow level concerns, engagement will grow – in both directions. As the Harvard Business Review study showed, leaders willing to make the engagement investment communicate more openly and effectively with employees. Employees feel respect and concern, and a more connected community will emerge – resulting in greatly improved employee retention.

If you’re looking for examples, feel free to contact us.