Our clients are hospital leaders of HR and Communication. They’re consistently engaging over 50% of employee headcount – bi weekly. That’s more than double the prior best for them. How?

Start with 4 steps to boost awareness, pride, and the culture of your hospital:

  1.  Build an engaging rewards program – to encourage participation, sharing, and connection (culture).
  2.  Create engaging content with interactive video
  3.  Feature patients and employee acts, examples , and compelling stories
  4.  Keep it interesting, open and real with a steady flow of new material

We’d all agree that employee pride/awareness in the brand is good for retention….and even better for referrals and business development.
Additionally, client employees willing to promote their own hospital are proven to increase the amount of new patient referrals. All of us will consider the experiences and endorsement of trusted people within our personal networks when making critical health decisions. That just makes sense.

For more on how to create your own effective engagement program, or if you’re curious, contact us and I’ll share a few more insights regarding how to get started with engagement and referrals.