Even the highest-quality professionally produced video is passive. Press play, sit back, and watch. Fortunately, today’s interactive video technology offers so much more.

Spatial Contiguity Principle Applied to Interactive Video

Richard Mayer’s multimedia learning principles support the benefits of using video for learning. To find out more, review this article featured on Learning Solutions, Six Best Practices for Collaborative, Interactive Video by our head of product development, and also presented at the 2016 FocusOn Conference.

Interactive video means making video more than a sit back and watch experience. This could entail stopping at moments in the video to invite your learners to respond to the content (not the controls) or to use video to practice a new skill or demonstrate expertise. Interactive video allows instructors and coaches the opportunity to provide precise feedback. Remember writing comments in the margins of papers? Now you have the ability to do that with student recordings. Use of a good interactive video training platform goes beyond engagement to enable measurable results for individuals and teams.

This collection of blog posts by the Viddler team, learning experts, technology partners, and other guests discuss today’s video learning technology trends. Explore new ideas in training and learning, like Virtual Reality and 360 Video. Discover how in-player interactivity can be used to interact with a specific moment in a demonstration or practice session. Find out how interactive video could help save the plant or make compliance training more engaging!

If you are new to online video and still need help and ideas with the basics, we have you covered too. Blog posts offer ideas for creating more video and how to do DIY video well. There are also tips for making use of tools you already use like Skype and screen share recordings as a basis for creating more engaging, interactive video.

From the video learning beginner to the experienced innovator, this Viddler blog collection offers ideas and insights for everyone. If you have an idea you would like to share with our followers, please let us know! We are always interested in new contributors.




5 Tips for Saving Time with Video

Videos are often added to learning materials to make them more engaging. However, those engaging videos are also time consuming. Your employees and students have no way of knowing if there’s an introduction that could be skipped. Maybe there’s a topic in the video that’s not as relevant to their learning needs? Unlike text-based content, there’s no skimming for keywords or shortcuts for time-pressed employees. Even if you follow best practices and create short videos, pressing play requires a time commitment. Here are 5 tips for optimizing the time investment: 1. Use menus to facilitate quick access. We are all…read more >

The Player’s The Thing: What is Interactive Learning?

This blog post was originally published on elearningindustry.com. eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Online video means different things to different people. Further, when it comes to interactive video learning, there is no clear public trend -- at least for now. For positive learning outcomes, however, it’s the quality and features of the video player that will make the difference.   What Is Interactive Video Learning? Mention the phrase "online video" or "interactive video learning" and you're likely to get mixed responses, puzzled looks, or both. Some…read more >

4 ways interactive video makes learning easier for busy employees

It doesn’t take long for a busy person’s schedule to fill up. Responsibilities at home and work deter employees from completing additional training outside of their normal duties. Lack of time makes implementing new products or processes impossible. At least this used to be the case before e-learning and online video. But online video alone isn’t enough to make employee training less time-consuming. We’ve all been subjected to long, boring training videos that don’t engage us. While we prefer video to lengthy manuals or Death by PowerPoint, we can still doze off or move on to other tasks while the…read more >

4 Video Tactics to improve the Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is overturning learning as we know it. What is a Flipped Classroom? For those not familiar with the concept, here is a great infographic and explanation of the Flipped Classroom from the University of Texas at Austin. The concept proposes that teachers assign class lectures during time at home and complete hands-on work in the classroom. Contrary to the traditional classroom, this allows students to work together with hands-on projects and get support from instructors. Many have been experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom, but how effective is the tactic? Lessons Learned from 1,125 Flipped…read more >

Make Your Online Video Interactive, Social, and Engaging

Viddler's in-video tagging and commenting feature allows you and your viewers to interact within the video. By using our full player, you are given the option to leave a text or video comment and a tag right on the video timeline. By making your video public, you give your viewers the ability to interact with your videos by leaving comments or even video comments directly on the timeline. Video comments are recorded directly from your webcam so they appear instantly with no encoding time. In order to segment your video based off of the content being displayed, tags are a…read more >
Interact With In-Video Tags

Interact With In-Video Tags

The Web is incredibly social. Social media has provided a platform for anyone to have a voice on anything. We now have the ability to express our every thought on any topic we can wildly imagine. The reality is that there are people out there that will not only listen, they will interact. “I’m with Viddler because of the tagging.” – Gary Vaynerchuk What are In-Video tags? Viddler provides a really easy platform for people to interact with videos. Transforming the video watching experience into an interactive experience for users is what sparks conversation and ultimately engages interest. Viddler provides…read more >