Is your Video Interactive or Static?

Is your Video Interactive or Static?

Effective Learning Uses Video! People who learn concepts through video remember longer than most. Not only do video learners retain knowledge longer, but they grasp concepts faster than learning solely through reading. Studies of person to person communication indicates that less than 10% of human understanding comes from language, less than 40% comes from tonality (auditory) and the remaining is through body language (visual). People are visual learners and using video is a more effective way to get your message across and ensure your viewers understand. The concept of enhanced learning through video is understood and implemented by many learning…read more >
4 Ways to Make Learning fit Your Lifestyle

4 Ways to Make Learning fit Your Lifestyle

The internet allows any person to have access to information, information that can lead to curiosity, interest, and eventually learning. However, working people are busy and need learning lifestyle options to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Video and audio help people work smarter, not harder because content is delivered visually and in-ear to aid in comprehension. This control with video allows for learning online or offline, with more time or less time, and learning at your own pace. 1. Combat interruptions One problem that halts a learning lifestyle is interruptions. Interruptions happen all the time at work…read more >

5 Tips for Saving Time with Video

Videos are often added to learning materials to make them more engaging. However, those engaging videos are also time consuming. Your employees and students have no way of knowing if there’s an introduction that could be skipped. Maybe there’s a topic in the video that’s not as relevant to their learning needs? Unlike text-based content, there’s no skimming for keywords or shortcuts for time-pressed employees. Even if you follow best practices and create short videos, pressing play requires a time commitment. Here are 5 tips for optimizing the time investment: 1. Use menus to facilitate quick access. We are all…read more >

The Player’s The Thing: What is Interactive Learning?

This blog post was originally published on eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Online video means different things to different people. Further, when it comes to interactive video learning, there is no clear public trend -- at least for now. For positive learning outcomes, however, it’s the quality and features of the video player that will make the difference.   What Is Interactive Video Learning? Mention the phrase "online video" or "interactive video learning" and you're likely to get mixed responses, puzzled looks, or both. Some…read more >

Video-Powered Learning

C-SPAN’s StudentCam 2015 contest receives a record number of submissions (and votes) For the past six years, the C-SPAN Classroom service has used Viddler’s Contest Manager to conduct its annual StudentCam competition for U.S. high school and middle school students. Each group creates and submits a short documentary on an issue of national importance, and then students vote for their favorite. This year the number of submissions reached an all-time high (2,280) with the top entry receiving 119,258 votes. This year, students submitted videos on the topic, “The Three Branches and You,” showing how an executive, legislative, or judicial action…read more >

Training and Responsive Design (Your Phone is Not a TV!)

This blog post was originally published on eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Training and Responsive Design Your smart device isn’t a tiny tv. It seems that when we try to create responsive pages for training, we don’t actually think about how people use these different devices. When adapting your content for smart devices, it’s important to keep in mind that your smart device isn’t a tiny TV. Smartphones and tablets aren't used the same way as desktops, and they certainly shouldn’t all be treated the…read more >

4 ways interactive video makes learning easier for busy employees

It doesn’t take long for a busy person’s schedule to fill up. Responsibilities at home and work deter employees from completing additional training outside of their normal duties. Lack of time makes implementing new products or processes impossible. At least this used to be the case before e-learning and online video. But online video alone isn’t enough to make employee training less time-consuming. We’ve all been subjected to long, boring training videos that don’t engage us. While we prefer video to lengthy manuals or Death by PowerPoint, we can still doze off or move on to other tasks while the…read more >

Interactive Video Player to be Showcased at TechKnowledge 2015

Bethlehem, PA ● January 7, 2015 — Interactive video provider Viddler will be showing the latest version of its interactive video player, Arpeggio, at the upcoming ATD TechKnowledge conference (#atdtk) in Las Vegas, January 14-16. Incorporating Viddler’s patented timeline commenting technology, the Arpeggio player provides significant benefits for trainers, distance learning companies, and corporate communications departments. Founded in 2005, Viddler pioneered the use of timeline-specific commenting and tagging in its Flash-based player. With the rise of mobile devices, the company developed its HTML5 player technology specifically for use on multiple screen sizes—often a necessity for training on employee-owned devices. The new player’s use of…read more >
Doing Radio on TV

Doing Radio on TV

Every disruptive media technology goes through a phase where its proponents really don’t understand its applications or potential — but use it anyway. Invariably, they do what they’ve always done with their familiar medium, and hope that somehow it will work in the new. They’re usually wrong. Early TV shows featured former radio dramas and comedies with actors in front of microphones. The fact that it was done in front of a camera added nothing. It took a while for people to realize that this was really a new medium, not just a new way of doing radio with cameras.…read more >

How to Determine the Right Video for Your Goals

Revolutionize Business with Video, Part 3 In Part 2 of our series, we established goals for video and identified meaningful video metrics. At this stage, it is important to identify which videos will work better toward achieving those goals. Each headline below discusses one of the goals from Part 2.Below each goal, you can find video types and tactics to reach your goals. Goal: Gain brand awareness with target audience In this video, we recognize the success of's campaign. This is the type of video that most people think of when creating content. It's entertaining, public, and used to…read more >