Training and Responsive Design (Your Phone is Not a TV!)

This blog post was originally published on eLearning Industry is the largest online community of professionals involved in the eLearning industry, serving 45,000 + email subscribers. Training and Responsive Design Your smart device isn’t a tiny tv. It seems that when we try to create responsive pages for training, we don’t actually think about how people use these different devices. When adapting your content for smart devices, it’s important to keep in mind that your smart device isn’t a tiny TV. Smartphones and tablets aren't used the same way as desktops, and they certainly shouldn’t all be treated the…read more >

4 ways interactive video makes learning easier for busy employees

It doesn’t take long for a busy person’s schedule to fill up. Responsibilities at home and work deter employees from completing additional training outside of their normal duties. Lack of time makes implementing new products or processes impossible. At least this used to be the case before e-learning and online video. But online video alone isn’t enough to make employee training less time-consuming. We’ve all been subjected to long, boring training videos that don’t engage us. While we prefer video to lengthy manuals or Death by PowerPoint, we can still doze off or move on to other tasks while the…read more >

How to Determine the Right Video for Your Goals

Revolutionize Business with Video, Part 3 In Part 2 of our series, we established goals for video and identified meaningful video metrics. At this stage, it is important to identify which videos will work better toward achieving those goals. Each headline below discusses one of the goals from Part 2.Below each goal, you can find video types and tactics to reach your goals. Goal: Gain brand awareness with target audience In this video, we recognize the success of's campaign. This is the type of video that most people think of when creating content. It's entertaining, public, and used to…read more >

Gamification: Make Training Engaging with Video

Businesses - take a lesson from video game creators. Keeping employees engaged in work and training has always been a challenge. Employees are rarely rewarded for their time and energy spent on training programs. With only 30% of U.S. employees engaged at work, many argue the crisis is due to ineffective training practices. Fortunately, with the increasing popularity of video games, we can take advantage of gamification to motivate learners. Gamify video with these four easy steps: Kick it up a notch by making the experience like their favorite video game. 1) Create a leaderboard for questions answered correctly For…read more >

How Multilingual Captions Can Capture a Global Audience

Over 7,000 languages are spoken in the world today. One third of all the corporations in the U.S. are either owned or based abroad. According to the U.S. Census, by 2060, multiracial people are projected to more than triple, from 7.5 million to 26.7 million. Hispanics will more than double in absolute number, making up 31 percent. Asians are expected to increase from 5 percent of the population to 8 percent. Whether you live in the United States or not, it doesn’t matter. All of us are feeling the effects of changing demographics, especially in the workplace. In a primarily…read more >

7 Tips for Healthy Mobile Apps

Creating mobile content apps using Adobe's DPS, Quark's App Studio, and other platforms can be easy. Creating good mobile content apps—with effective video and other interactive content—is another story. While making mobile content apps are all the rage, there are a lot of flabby, uninspiring examples out there—from both corporations and publishers alike. We think it is important to know how to build great apps, so here’s a workout regimen to get them in shape: 1 – Put your apps on a video diet A lot of iOS and Android apps need to go on a diet. Huge apps are…read more >

4 Video Tactics to improve the Flipped Classroom

The flipped classroom is overturning learning as we know it. What is a Flipped Classroom? For those not familiar with the concept, here is a great infographic and explanation of the Flipped Classroom from the University of Texas at Austin. The concept proposes that teachers assign class lectures during time at home and complete hands-on work in the classroom. Contrary to the traditional classroom, this allows students to work together with hands-on projects and get support from instructors. Many have been experimenting with the idea of a flipped classroom, but how effective is the tactic? Lessons Learned from 1,125 Flipped…read more >

3 Ways Video Can Help Transform HR

In January, Bernard Marr posted an article, Why Everyone Hates HR. While this is an intentionally provocative statement, there were many that agreed with him. His argument is that the entire Human Resources function needs an overhaul. In order to transform their image, Human Resource departments need to be more creative and have ways to measure and prove their effectiveness. We at Viddler see Video as an opportunity to address some of these challenges. 1. Measure Video effectiveness with Analytics Does your team know how effective their videos are? How many employees watched them? Where did they watch them? How…read more >

Live Streaming vs Video On-demand (VOD)

Cracking the "video streaming" code The term "video streaming" gets thrown around a lot but it can mean two very different things. Sometimes people are referring to Video On-Demand and other times they are referring to Live Streaming. So what is the difference between them? Video On-demand High quality (HD) video and audio Plays on computers and smart phones Plays smoothly at any Internet speed More economical than live streaming Live Streaming No time delay Ability to live chat Ability to ask and respond to questions May require additional hardware and software So which one should I use? The diagram…read more >

Is Viddler an Alternative for YouTube?

Spoiler Alert: It depends on how you are using Video. How Viddler Went from YouTube Competitor to Enterprise Solution Provider Viddler's co-founder Donna DeMarco, sheds some light on when it makes sense to use Viddler, YouTube, or use both together during an interview with Jason Verdelli of Phase 2 Solutions. Why it's difficult to compare online video platforms There's something funny about the way we view online video platforms. We tend to pin them all against each other, comparing platforms on the same scale. What we don't realize is that you can't compare platforms that work toward different goals, in…read more >