The Power of Video

When done right, online video can be one of the most powerful tools you and your business can leverage. Check out this Viddler video as reference for your future video projects. It's short, to-the-point, and encompasses a resonating message (... and for those of you not producing online video for your business, get inspired to start):  read more >

How-to: Schema Markup for Video SEO

By Eric Hochberger / At Mediavine, we had a unique problem that only Viddler could fix. Our content, which is in the TV and movie genres for TV Fanatic , Movie Fanatic and The Hollywood Gossip, is extremely commoditized. The same studios and networks that provide us with movie trailers and TV promos are sending the same ones to all of our competitors. Unfortunately, because our company's primary source of Web traffic comes from organic search, that means increased competition for the exact same news clip(s). Luckily, Viddler is search-engine friendly by default. Whether you use their iFrame or…read more >

Using In-video Commenting & Tagging for Post-production Feedback

In this short video, our videographer Matt D'Avella provides a look at how he uses Viddler's video commenting to involve his clients in the post-production stages of their videos, utilizing everyone's time effectively and efficiently. In summary, Matt uploads the client's video to Viddler and creates a Secret URL, which allows only the client to access and play it. The client can provide their feedback to Matt in the form of in-video commenting (comments added within the video timeline). Matt receives email notification when comments are made so he log in and edit where necessary. And the cycle continues.... Check…read more >

The SEO Benefits of Video

Survey says: If you have a video on your website, you are 53 times more likely to increase your first page search engine rank. Another survey says: You are likely to increase click-through rates by 41 percent by incorporating video content on your website, opposed to plain text. So the question becomes, "What steps do I need to take so my videos get recognized to help improve my SEO?" Check out the Viddler Learning Center for additional whitepapers, webinars and customer resources regarding all things video. As you browse the inventory, let us know if there are any specific topics…read more >

Are You Serious about Online Video?

Here are five eye-opening facts that might get you a bit more serious about incorporating online video into your business strategy: 169 million people – 75% of U.S. Internet users – watch online videos. Globally, that percentage increases to 82%! On Facebook, videos are shared 12 times more than text and links combined. Video views on YouTube reached more than 1 trillion in 2011. And guess what ... we're approaching 2013! 57% of U.S. Internet users watch online videos every week. People ages 18 to 49 now watch an average of 5.4 hours of online video each month. George F.…read more >