A large Northeast regional hospital network wanted to raise employee awareness of all their achievements and capabilities. They chose Viddler’s VTS to securely enable a video based campaign coupled with a rewards system to encourage employees to engage and learn more about the hospital’s achievements and to share the information via social media.

Within a few months, over 5,000 employees were actively engaged in watching and sharing their hospital’s achievements.

A huge boost in employee engagement was achieved without the headaches associated with expensive, short lived, events. The entire health network continues to build on their new social habit of frequent, affordable, sharing and engagement with video – available anytime, anywhere.

One of the nation’s largest healthcare networks has been busy acquiring new facilities and adding staff quickly. Leadership wanted to create a secure community experience for their growing, widely dispersed interstate workforce. Since building a video based community with Viddler, the network engages all routinely – sharing employee achievements, stories, experiences, and highlights across the 100,000+ employees.

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