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Cafes & Life on the Parkway-1

Uploaded on Aug 06, 2012 / 25 views / 25 impressions / 1 comment



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1 comment


Jul 25, 2013

Pop-up parks fine but how sad these spaces during most of winter and at night, like empty playgrounds, the parkway at such times little more than it is now, an expressway with trees. I don't understand planners' resistance to some rezoning, mixing low-flung apartments structures & public spaces/buildings, with ground-level galleries, shops, cafes, for increased population density day and night, peopled streets, increased tax funds for the city. Eliminate far left & right traffic lanes; slim & low apartment structures in gained space; other apartment structures between train tracks & parkway by skateboard park, in the present baseball field; even more daring--over the depressed Vine Street expressway east & west of the parkway--all leaving good space for pop-ups & special events like the Fourth?

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