Becoming Our Father: Johnny Cash’s Daughters in Conversation

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May 27, 2017 - In the early 1950s, the man who would be Johnny Cash joined the air force, left rural Arkansas, and travelled by boat across the Atlantic to Italy, then made his way to Germany. While stationed in Europe, he photographed people and places, and made meticulous notes about his discoveries and adventures. His photographs and notes are contained in two scrapbooks, kept by daughters Cindy, Kathy, Rosanne, and Tara Cash and reproduced in an exhibit, I’ve Been Everywhere: Becoming Johnny Cash. “These photographs are precious documents of the years when young J.R. Cash was not quite Johnny Cash, but was in the first stages of becoming that man,” writes Rosanne. The daughters will share stories, remembrances, and perspectives on Johnny Cash, and will discuss and reveal photographs never seen outside the family.


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