Jacob and the Incorrect Cell Phone Bill - ARAG

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In life there are lots of exciting things you’ll plan for…like picking out a phone with a massive screen, amazing video and the fastest connection.
But there also some you may not plan for … like Jacob here. When he closed his cell phone account, he found excessive charges that weren’t supposed to be on his bill. Jacob didn’t know what frustrated him more—getting the bill or figuring out how to get the charges taken off.

Fortunately, he remembered the legal benefits card that was in his welcome kit from ARAG. He called the toll-free number on the back and was connected to a Network Attorney.

The attorney helped him write a letter to the cell phone carrier. That letter got the matter resolved and most of Jacob’s money was returned to him.

Jacob thought he got a very fair deal and is grateful for the help he received from ARAG. When it came to getting his cell phone bill corrected, Jacob made the right call.

Live life with fewer worries. Rely on the trusted protection of the ARAG legal plan.

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