Interview: Jessi Colter

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April 8, 2017 - ​Jessi Colter began writing songs in the 1960s at the urging of her first husband, future Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Duane Eddy. Dottie West, Hank Locklin, and others recorded Colter’s songs, but in 1975 she scored a #1 country hit of her own, “I’m Not Lisa,” which she followed with the self-penned hits “What’s Happened to Blue Eyes” and “It’s Morning (and I Still Love You).” Colter married Waylon Jennings in 1969, and when RCA came up with its “Outlaw” marketing concept in 1976, she was included along with Jennings, Tompall Glaser, and Willie Nelson. Now based in Arizona, Colter has written a new memoir, An Outlaw and a Lady, and released a new album, The Psalms. She discusses both in this program.


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