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Sun Microsystems acquires MySQL

Uploaded on Feb 27, 2008 / 1882 views / 9711 impressions / 7 comments



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I interview Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems' CEO and Marten Mickos, MySQL's CEO walks in


  • fastcompanytv
  • interview
  • acquisition
  • Jonathan Schwartz 0:00 0:10
  • MySQL
  • Microsystems
  • Sun
  • Marten Mickos 1:49 0:42


FiddlinLady 7:13

Feb 28, 2008

I think that's the main "buy" decision point for the majority of MySQL users - free!

hughman 13:36

Feb 28, 2008

Pretty radical thought about effectiveness and culture.


Feb 27, 2008

Great interview Robert - thanks for sharing!

bear 16:05

Feb 27, 2008

could this be the point that made MySql a must have for Sun? They get the same engineering mindset for Linux that they have for Solaris but without impacting Solaris now - hmm

bear 11:35

Feb 27, 2008

gotta give him credit for realizing that MySql was already good at what it did at the core - so this gives me hope Sun isn't just acquiring brains.

bear 5:53

Feb 27, 2008

yea, but will Sun be sending sales dudes if they spot companies with cash in the logs?

bear 1:01

Feb 27, 2008

let's hope sun doesn't do MySql community like it does openSolaris or Java community ;)

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