HydroRight Dual-Flush Toilet Adapter

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A few months ago I discovered the HydroRight Dual-Flush adapter on Amazon. I really wanted to get one, but never got around to it.I was in Home Depot recently and I saw the HydroRight Dual-Flush for a cheaper price (~$17) than Amazon (~$18), so I bought it.I've never opened the lid of a toilet before, so I'm a complete novice to how the insides work. However, the HydroRight is meant to be really simple to install. In fact, you don't even need any tools.The packaging says it only takes 10 minutes to install, but that must be for someone who has prior knowledge of how a toilet works. I decided to time how long it would take me ��� it definitely didn't take 10 minutes.This video isn't an instructional how-to on installing the HydroRight Dual-Flush. Rather, it's my experience with it and I show any issues I (and you) may have.


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