ARAG Identity Theft Protection

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One of your employee benefits just got better…
With improved Identity Theft Protection as part of your ARAG legal plan.

Identity theft can happen any time to anyone.

From 2012 to 2013, credit and debit card data breaches jumped over 40%.

Software programs that steal information grew from 1 million in 2007 to 130 million today.

In 2013, that meant one new identity theft victim every 2 seconds.

And the identity theft rate for children is 35 times that of adults.

Your New ARAG Identity Theft Protection helps you in many ways.

Like monitoring services that track your credit report and let you know when something’s changed.
Websites and chatrooms where criminals find personal information are watched and you’re notified if your information shows up.
And you can choose monitoring services to cover your child.

We not only protect your personal information– we’re there if your data is actually stolen.

Trained specialists can help clear your name and restore your identity.
They can make calls and fill out forms to reissue your credit cards, driver’s license and more.
And in serious situations, you can work with an attorney, who’ � � ll advise you on your case and represent you in court, if needed.
Plus, you have identity theft insurance coverage – up to $1 million – to cover expenses associated with restoring your identity.

If you already have the ARAG legal plan – look for details from your employer about what personal information you can protect – � � and how.

If you don’t have the ARAG legal plan – enroll during your Benefits Open Enrollment! Ask your employer for details.

ARAG, Identity Theft Protection and You
Talk to your employer today!


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