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Mom's Weiners

Uploaded on May 30, 2008 / 137 views / 788 impressions / 31 comments



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Some moms collect beanie babies. My mom collects dressed up dachshunds.


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Jul 19, 2008

I don't think you should touch those. You don't know where they've been!

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Jul 04, 2008


These are too funny! I'm also a dachshund fan, and the only statues I have now are made of stone; like a boot-scraper in the shape of a wiener dog outside my door, and a "real wiener" sized stone statue of a doxie near the bootscraper. These are great for people who can no longer tend to the "care and feeding" needs of animals.

Your mom's black and tan is cute; my Jackie Lou is an 11 year old red sable. They don't think they're "little" dogs?

Gotta run for now, Happy fourth. Post more kewl vids...

Cheri in DC

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djsteen 7:33

May 31, 2008

"Giddy youuu"

djsteen 5:33

May 31, 2008

Pocket Weiners?

djsteen 4:28

May 31, 2008

Hmm... sounds more like Justine's voice in the computer now..

djsteen 3:46

May 31, 2008

Do a jig ballerinerrr..

djsteen 2:58

May 31, 2008

Is that Cait on Skype/Ustream??

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djsteen 2:50

May 31, 2008

Wow. That's corny.

djsteen 2:20

May 31, 2008

Elton John? Funny: I think of his name before I think of him being gay.
Half the time I forget he's gay.

Okay, I'm gay and shutting up now.

djsteen 2:04

May 31, 2008

I've never seen these before, and I'm finding this a little odd.

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leggyblonde 6:27

May 30, 2008

It all makes sense now.. if she collected those figurines WITHOUT owning a dog, that would be COO-COO!!

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leggyblonde 4:52

May 30, 2008

Is it easy to shop for gifts for your mom, since you can't go wrong with something Dachshund?

leggyblonde 4:06

May 30, 2008

What?! No relish?! SHAME!

leggyblonde 3:08

May 30, 2008

There are a lot of phallic items that can be made into weiner dogs, I guess.

leggyblonde 0:09

May 30, 2008

I have a tub full of beanie babies... EPIC investment FAIL!

Miiitch 0:21

May 30, 2008

A LITTLE BIT? That's the weirdest thing. Ever.


May 30, 2008

wee wees

Disappear 6:25

May 30, 2008


Disappear 5:55

May 30, 2008

omg! these weinaaa dawgggs are so cuteee :)

Disappear 4:05

May 30, 2008

getting me hungryy...for some weinaa dawggg. lol.

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