Springnet 466 - first live broadcast on Google+

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The first ever live webcast on Google+ happened on Saturday July 15 starting at 5:15 am and ending at 10:45 am. Michael Mozart embedded his youtube live show in his Google+ stream and was as excited as a kid at Christmas waking up to a stash of toys under the Christmas tree. Michael's a toy geek with a wide following on youtube live. Mike calls his channel JeepersMedia on YouTube and is best known for his funny Fail Toy Reviews. I found out about this in a hangout on Google+ where you can add me to your circle

Michael is a living energizer bunny and he'll probably be on live a lot in this format from now on showing his amazing collection of toys. He knows everything about toys and may have one of the world's largest toy collections of over 400000 toys in his 6000 square foot building. And he doesn't mind trotting out these toys on his show and sharing every detail about them from his encylopedic mind.


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