Øredev 2008 - Java - Introducing Spring Security

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Introducing Spring Security
Ben Alex, SpringSource, Australia
Spring Security is a popular, open-source Java security framework that represents the Spring
portfolio's official security capability. It has received hundreds of thousands of downloads, been
ported to other platforms (such as Python and Microsoft .NET) and represents a popular choice in
many banking, government, and military installations.
This session presents practical solutions for addressing today’s complex enterprise application
security requirements using Spring Security. It takes attendees on a step-by-step journey that begins
with the simple security requirement of a login form, and grows to include more advanced
requirements such as web request authorization, single sign on and federated identity (OpenID),
advanced method authorization, plus rich client security considerations.
Ben's security sessions are always intensely demonstration-oriented, and this session promises at
least five separate live demonstrations and code discussions. As such, you will not only discover the
important architectural concepts and standards applicable to enterprise application security, but
you'll also receive plenty of practical tips and solid advice on using this powerful and flexible
security framework.


  • 5 40:25
  • Shell 31:31
  • LDAP 24:42
  • Authorisation 35:54
  • Scripts 31:31
  • SEC 44:37
  • authorization 40:32
  • annotations 44:37
  • Repositories 33:38
  • DB 24:42
  • you 2:14
  • thank 2:14
  • Method 40:32
  • EL 44:37
  • Auth 24:42
  • Demo 40:25