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Viddler, I Love You

Uploaded on Jul 18, 2008 / 401 views / 1183 impressions / 38 comments


Erik, Dana and I jump the bridge at Lake Berryessa. In high school this lake was 10 feet deeper and much less of a challenge due to draught in California.
80 feet was total distance.


  • viddler
  • lakeberryessa
  • California
  • water
  • dangerous
  • 80feet
  • stunt
  • bridge
  • jump



Apr 07, 2009

Now that really is giddy! I'm scared for you mentalists! x

MommaSandie 0:21

Jan 19, 2009

Did I jumping off bridges...ok, I'm getting your rooms have to come home now!


Aug 15, 2008


sweetpee4890 0:25

Aug 05, 2008

aaaaahhhhhh!!! dont do it! its suicide! omg! im so afraid of heights.

djsteen 1:06

Aug 04, 2008

That looks like it could have stung the face a little..

djsteen 0:51

Aug 04, 2008

hhaah.. no wonder; you broke the water..

nickmoyer 0:48

Jul 26, 2008



Jul 23, 2008

Here's my entry... 62foot jump into the Chesapeake

rhall 0:48

Jul 23, 2008

Now thats funny! My condolences to your @ssh@le Rob. :)

PodComics 0:17

Jul 22, 2008

Sandieman, watch Traveling Gringos episode 96 July29, we remember jumpping off a cave with flip flops too

ecc1977 2:12

Jul 22, 2008


philmauritz 2:04

Jul 21, 2008

best video EVER!!!!! Erik you're hilarious

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ohdoctah 0:34

Jul 21, 2008

yeah but where he jumped the water was ruff and no one should have gone in that water... that water looks pretty clean mucst be on the west coast! lol


Jul 21, 2008

ha..that is so funny!

brandice 0:36

Jul 20, 2008

Holy crap, batman...


Jul 19, 2008

Love the ending! Great video!!!!!

iellie 1:47

Jul 19, 2008

We did a jump like this from a bridge in TN. Supposedly it's illegal and you can get arrested for attempt of suicide lol! It was mad fun though!

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Jul 19, 2008

I love the bit of cinematic feel at the end. Perfect touch - left me wondering.

bonassin 2:06

Jul 19, 2008

Love this video :D


Jul 18, 2008

You guys are crazy! But I must admit that was pretty awesome.

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