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Hide this Training – LRP Managment Training

Uploaded on Jan 23, 2013 / 10572 views / 11077 impressions / 26 comments



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Apr 13, 2014

Trying to watch and the screen is black. Finally got it up and the only thing showing was the first slide. Voice isn't matching the pictures.


Apr 13, 2014

Video doesn't seem to be running the same as the voice. Trying to watch and it is stuck on the first slide.


Apr 02, 2014

Sound quality is very tinny and for someone with a hearing difficulty that is not helpful. The image is so blurred it is as good as useless. I agree with other comments that as a new consultant having never seen the old style office it would be much more helpful to have a different video. This one also assumes a degree of prior knowledge which new people do not have.


Mar 31, 2014

I don't see the same screen as it shows in the training when I click on "shop".


Mar 29, 2014

Old login, "shop" screen is different. Useless tutorial! Where are these concerns being addressed? Anyone there? Very frustrating!


Mar 29, 2014

The tutorial is useless if we are still have the old version, old sign-in and the "shop" screen is different? I don't see that any of these peoples issues are being addressed! Very frustrating!


Mar 29, 2014

There is no reason to watch a tutorial that is not correct! I have the login on the left (old?) and the "shop" screen looks different than the tutorial! Very frustrating! Also, where do we find where all these concerns are addressed?


Mar 12, 2014

I do not see the new screen that are shown on the right. Mine is more like what is on the left with some minor changes.

Jenifer Indianer

Mar 12, 2014

I have the old log in! Also, when I click on "shop" I do not have the same screen as what is showing in training.


Feb 03, 2014

I think you need a separate video for brand new consultants who have never seen the "old" format. Simplify it ... make a third option on your training screen ... "LRP just for new consultants" or something like that.

Francine Payer

Feb 03, 2014

I guess the new office is not set up yet as I am a new consultant and I am still being logged in the old way....when will the new office be available, because now it is very hard to follow this teaching when we dont have the tools

John Uri

Jan 27, 2014

there is no captions for me to read please add it.


Jan 23, 2014

Agree, this is not how my screen shows. Video definitely needs to be updated!


Jan 18, 2014

Seee no image. Notice there is a comment from Aug 2013 that states the same thing and this still is not fixed???


Jan 10, 2014

I don't get LRP!! I have placed many orders with doterra and have not earned any....why?? please help!!!


Jan 05, 2014

Not helpful for new IPC's. I'm not really interested in the OLD office since I never had one. Disappointing.

Teresa Bundy

Dec 27, 2013

I cannot find my office information so I can place orders. Has it changed? How do I continue as a Consultant?


Nov 19, 2013

No image at all.. all I get it audio.


Oct 22, 2013

For those of you having issues, the video/images show up about 40 seconds in. Just be patient.


Oct 13, 2013

Disappointing, no image. Not a very helpful.

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