Nashville Cats: Salute to Weldon Myrick

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August 15 - 2009 Most country music fans first heard Weldon Myrick’s pedal steel guitar on Connie Smith’s chart-topping debut single, “ Once a Day” (1964). In the years since, the Jayton, Texas, native has played on numerous country classics, including Bill Anderson’s “ Bright Lights and Country Music,” Jessi Colter’s “I’m Not Lisa,” Alan Jackson’s “Chattahoochee,” and Reba McEntire’s “Little Rock.” A veteran of thousands of recording sessions since moving to Nashville in 1963, Myrick also served for thirty-two years (1966–9 8) in the Grand Ole Opry house band. In honor of his many achievements and his prowess as a picker, he was elected to the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame in 1997. This interview is illustrated with photos, film footage, and recordings from throughout Myrick’s career.


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