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In life there are lots of exciting things you’ve planned for…like dropping 15 pounds in time for swimsuit weather or reading through 18 years worth of gossip mags that you couldn’t get to while the kids were still in the house.

But there also some you may not plan for - Like Patty…when her daughter rented a condo at college with two friends, her daughter was the only one that signed the lease.

While everything was great at first, soon the other girls moved out and Patty’s daughter was responsible for the entire $900 monthly rent plus utilities. Since Patty was supporting her, that meant she suddenly had a huge hole in her budget.

Patty called the toll-free number for ARAG on her employer’s benefit site. The ARAG Customer Care Specialist directed her to an attorney that specialized in tenant law and practiced near where she worked, so she could easily meet in his office. He found a clause that allowed the daughter to move out without more financial hardship and immediately helped Patty draft a letter pointing out the clause.

The resolution provided a tremendous sense of relief that she’ � d no longer have to ruin her budget, so Patty found the situation easy to live with.

Live life with fewer worries. Rely on the trusted protection of the ARAG legal plan.

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