Springnet 482 - Meditation Flash Mob at Texas Capital

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MedMob started in Austin in January and now it is co-ordinated with 120+ cities worldwide who will all be meditating at Government Buildings and Universities on the same weekend!

The intention of the movement is to organize meditations open to all walks of life all over the world expanding peace on the planet by exposing the world to meditation & accelerating our personal and planetary evolution.
Check out www.medmob.org to see a map of all the locations! Wow!

Come experience the power of collectively exuding our inner greatness and feel the impact we are having on our city by sitting together silently radiating happiness and grace in all directions.

When: Sunday 28th August 12:00pm to 1:11pm

Where: The Texas State Capitol Building. They gathered outside and inside for a one hour meditation and then all met inside to OM the Dome!

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm: Silent meditation

1:00 pm to 1:11pm: They gathered under the Capitol Dome for a "sound bath" using many mantras and sounds for example Om Ah Ong Nah or any other sound that calls you personally. It is very powerful and fun to connect express our deepest selves in this way.

1:11 pm: End of MedMob


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