Springnet 458 - Austins Fittest Entrepeneur - 4 of 4

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Who is Austins fittest entrepreneur? Watch this 4 episode video on itunes youtube blip.tv etc. and find out the details on http://spring.net/afe

EvoTrain partnered with the Texas Entrepreneurs Network to host a competition at the awesome GoodLife Team HQ to find Austin���s Fittest Entrepreneurs. The mission of the competition was to ���identify reward and promote those entrepreneurs that prioritize health and fitness in their lives and at their organizations��� and workplaces.

The finalists included AJ Joe Denver Fredenburg Robyn Pettinger Krisstina Wise and Alex Charfen the winner.

This is part 1 of a 4 part video. Episode 1 shows the tasty Irony ���sports mixer��� drink sampling and an interview with Robyn Pettinger of Bootcamp U. or BCU. Episode 2 is an interview with Matt Barker of Evotrain and some door prize winners. Episode 3 is the awarding of door prizes and Episode 4 is the announcement of the runner up and winner of the competition and interview with Austins Fittest Entrepreneur.


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