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Why The Lehigh Valley?

Uploaded on Jun 28, 2008 / 104 views / 340 impressions / 9 comments


I caught this video footage at The Lehigh Valley Airport (ABE), while waiting for luggage. It actually did a half-way decent job of describing bethlehem, not sure about those other cities!


  • lehigh
  • lehighvalley
  • bethlehem
  • allentown
  • easton
  • city sheek 0:13
  • country charm 0:14



Oct 22, 2012

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talkingheadtv 0:19

Jun 28, 2008

Allentown's motto: Yes, we've heard the Billy Joel song. No, we don't want to talk about it.

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theleetgeeks 0:00

Jun 28, 2008

lets start the weekend.... ~wirelesspacket


Jun 28, 2008

it is beautiful!

cmarlow_1241796064 0:15

Jun 28, 2008

since when did Pennsylvania have " country life" lol your in the North part of the us lol???? I bet its beautiful up there though!

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