Springnet 446 - Open Coffee

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Open Coffee met up at Caffe Medici downtown on June 2 2011 (fancy new digs too). Either in attendance or RSVPing: Paul Walhus Richard McClellan of the University of Texas and The Woodlands High School Eric Katerman of the University of Texas and Williams Subbu Rama Keith Casey Rose-Hulman Dean Cruse Mary Hankins Haskett Damon Clinkscales of The University of Oklahoma G.r. Underwood Jason Azghani Jonathan Spillman of the University of Texas and Georgia Tech Garrett Eastham of Stanford Paul O'Brien of Hewlett-Packard and Zvents Emil Hajric II Gimnazija Sarajevo Jason Nolasco the PitchBroker Corey Ward the whole 4 man front line of Hurricane Party and Paige Brown of Tripeezy.


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