Characteristics for Land and Water in Fossil Mammal

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The terrestrial and semi-aquatic characteristics of Puijila darwini are highlighted in this 3D animation. Along with other indicators they suggest that this prehistoric mammal represents an intermediate form in the transition from land carnivores to today's sea-going seals and their relatives.

Puijila represents a new branch on a family tree between an ancestor that walked on land and today's flippered marine pinnipeds.

On connaît Puijila grâce à la découverte d'un fossile (datant de 24 à 20 millions d'années) dans le Grand Nord canadien par des chercheurs au Musée canadien de la nature.

Puijila is known from one fossil (24 to 20 million years old) that was found in Canada's High Arctic by researchers at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Web site about Puijila: — Canadian Museum of Nature


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