Springnet 587 - Keegan Jones leaves Austin and Gowalla for Facebook SF

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Keegan Jones had a goodbye Austin party. It was the only party on Plancast on a Friday night in Austin. The venue was Six. Lance Armstrong's club in Austin's Warehouse District on Fourth Street. I was a big fan of Gowalla. Said to see it go but Keegan assured to have faith in his team and their upcoming work on Google Places. I told him my "secret sauce" for Facebook Places and, if he listened, maybe they'll be a great new tweak (hope so). I met Jamie Story also (shown in video) who you may be hearing more of on the political scene. She comes from Hawaii where she ran a political, grass roots think tank (President of Grassroots Institute) and once worked for Bain & Co in Dallas and has some Texas roots. For more about Jamie see http://www.grassrootinstitute.org/system/old/bios/story.shtml


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