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Why the U.S. Needs Pre-Conception Healthcare (

Uploaded on Apr 09, 2009 / 1559 views / 7275 impressions / 3 comments


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Jan 24, 2014

The fact that most people know VERY LITTLE about science, and that they are easily lead by advertising is shown by their refusal to acknowledge obvious signs of illness in themselves and their children from exposures to toxic substances
( pesticides, VOC's, scented products, etc.) and their apparent addiction to anything WiFi, Cell or electronic as the latest "thing to have"leaves them in a cerebral fog. I've witnessed students at our schools and local university paying attention to their IPAD/cell phone or laptop instead of the lecturer/instructor to their own and other's detriment throughout the class. Even while dining at nice restaurants, in the beauty of nature and in numerous doctor's offices, or standing in lines at the bank, the level of uM/m2 is too high for some of us to endure without going into headaches, high blood pressure and brain fog. Most people call this,"allergies" and take another pill. We need legislation to prevent this "blanket exposure" to radio waves and EMF.


Dec 31, 2012

How about the mercury in Inoculations?


Apr 21, 2009

Very interesting!

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