Panel: Preservation Through Production, Seduction, And Education

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May 27, 2017 - Far from a dying art, letterpress printing continues to thrive in the twenty-first century. We asked a few of today’s practitioners to participate in a discussion about the ways in which they continue to preserve, perfect, and share their work.


Katherine Fries
Tammy and Adam Winn
David Wolske
Brad Vetter
Mary Sullivan

This panel is a cross section of artists and educators discussing how letterpress printing survives and thrives in the 21st century.

Katherine Fries discovered letterpress as a graduate painting student, and has since garnered success in the field. As an educator, she shepherds students in the craft and works to build a home for printmaking in higher education.

Couple Tammy and Adam Winn, each with full-time jobs, practice their printing at night and on the weekends, selling work at markets and craft fairs, and are building their collection in hopes of opening a community maker space.

David Wolske is an educator and typographer, whose primary medium is letterpress printing. He reinforces the importance of the physical with his students, isolating and layering wood type to create fine prints that subvert literal interpretation.

Brad Vetter is a graphic designer and printer who combines the use of lasers with his traditional knowledge of letterpress and his love of star-bars to create energetic show posters and brand identities.

Mary Sullivan is meticulous bookmaker and printmaker who’s not afraid to burn the candle at both ends to create gorgeous handmade books and prints.


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