Interview: Indigo Girls

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September 23, 2015 - Known for intricate harmonies; raw, poetic lyrics; and catchy melodic hooks, Indigo Girls, the platinum-selling folk-rock duo of Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, met in elementary school in Decatur, Georgia, and started performing together a few years later. Their 1989 self-titled, major-label debut received a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album and included their first hit, “Closer to Fine.” Through the 1990s, they charted more hits like “Hammer and a Nail” and “Galileo” and toured constantly, including a stint with the Lilith Fair festival, building a loyal fan-base who connected not only with the music, but also with the group’s outspoken support of various social, political, and environmental causes. Journalist Jewly Hight interviews Ray and Saliers about their creative inspiration, musical influences, and recording their latest album, One Lost Day, in Nashville.


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