What Is Emerging Value?

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Senior Managing Analyst and creator, Jim Busch, walks you though our new proprietary system, Emerging Value, an exclusive feature of Briefing In Play Plus.

Our proprietary value stock system provides a concentrated list of companies with low valuations across a variety of metrics, healthy yields, and shareholder-friendly managements -- while explicitly avoiding one of the primary pitfalls of value investing: "value traps."

Our Emerging Value quantitative rankings explicitly avoid value traps by combining traditional fundamental valuation metrics with one technical metric that suggests strong institutional money flows: 6-month Relative Strength.

Emerging Value provides a concentrated list of stocks featuring low valuations and high dividend yields that are undergoing investor accumulation. Similar to Emerging Growth, Emerging Value is a purely quantitative system that combines both fundamental and technical criteria to generate a new list of top-ranked stocks every week.


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