AA UX BSMA Lesson 5 - Saving Changes to the Database Part 3

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In the previous two lessons we learned how to bind the UX component to a database and how to configure the List control to act as a 'record navigator' so that we could navigate through the records in the Customer table by clicking on a row in the List control.
In this lesson we are going to learn how to save changes we make to fields in the Customer table. We will place Submit and Cancel buttons on the UX component to submit any edits we make to the server and we will write the server side code to save the edits to the Customer table (actually we won't have to actually write any code ourselves - we will use Server-side Action Scripting to write the code for us).

NOTE: If you did not complete lesson 4, and want to start with this lesson, you can download the Lesson5_Start component to use as your starting point:


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