Counterinsurgency and the 'War on Terror': Doomed to fail?

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As we approach the 10-year anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks we will be bringing together a panel of experts to discuss the "war on terror" that was launched by the United States government in their wake.

What has been achieved in Afghanistan and Iraq and ten years on what could be learnt from the Arab Spring about change in the region? Less than five months into a new campaign in Libya is it time that we reassess our involvement in the Arab world?

We will also be examining the doctrine of counterinsurgency - or COIN - that was advocated so strongly in both Afghanistan and Iraq and asking what lessons can be learnt that could shape future policy.

Chaired by David Loyn BBC's international development correspondent


Frank Ledwidge served in the Balkan wars and Iraq as a military intelligence officer and in Afghanistan as a civilian advisor. Former lecturer at the RAF College Cranwell and author of Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jean MacKenzie senior correspondent for GlobalPost and former program director for the Institute for War & Peace Reporting in Kabul. She has reported from Afghanistan since 2004 and written extensively about the war. She is currently working on a chapter on counterinsurgency in Afghanistan for a book project being sponsored by NYU.

Malte Roschinski security consultant political analyst and author based in Germany. As journalist with AFP news agency he reported from post-Taliban Afghanistan in late 2001. Lived for eight months in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2010 working as intelligence analyst for clients in the humanitarian sector.


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