Liquid Momentum: High-Probability Patterns and Q&A

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Join Senior Technical Analyst, Scott Smith, CMT, as he discusses the high-probability pattens he has seen repeatedly work on leading stocks featured in his regular column "Liquid Momentum."

Liquid Momentum is a proprietary Focus List for the 50 most liquid, high Relative Strength stocks in the market that are ideal for Day and Swing trading candidates.

Watch this webinar if you want to learn:

• What these high-probability patterns mean and how to apply them to your portfolio

• How to focus on the best performing momentum stocks using relative strength

• How to identify early signs of potential breakouts from consolidation patterns

• Techniques for jumping aboard strong momentum trends

• Answers to your questions about Liquid Momentum

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from our Senior Technical Analyst and get the insight you need to get the most out of your service.


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