Chen Guangcheng to Xi Jinping: Reform Now or Risk Violent Transition

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Blind self-taught legal activist Chen speaks directly to China's new leader Xi Jinping about human rights and rule of law violations as well as religious persecution.

He mentions by name the case of Uyghur Christian prisoner Alimujiang, the persecution against Falungong practitioners and the self-immolation of Tibetans, as well as the continuing forced abortion policy. He talks about the plight of human rights lawyers and petitioners including Jiang Tianyong, Ni Yulan, Mao Hongfeng and Shen Peilan.

Citing the deteriorating human rights situation in China, he prods Western governments to reconsider their policy of separating trade issues from human rights. He urges new leader Xi to reform immediately or risk a violent transition of power.


  • Chen Guangcheng