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I Was A Lifecaster

Uploaded on Jan 06, 2008 / 24815 views / 510459 impressions / 36 comments


This is from my first, or second, maybe third or fourth single off the album that I don't have.


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facebutt 1:28

Feb 24, 2013

Laugh now but in the futur wen that happenz u

foxdream 1:23

Nov 21, 2008

Gimme your power!


Mar 26, 2008

Aww Justine we all miss you :( I actually started broadcasting because of you.. and thanks to you I have +160,000 Views now! Thanks!

calvintv 0:09

Mar 19, 2008

hey justine!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar 09, 2008

Hahahaha.. Thats pretty funny ;)

lbmixpro 0:09

Jan 28, 2008

Key word: WAS

calvintv 1:02

Jan 27, 2008

OMG i so wish i could buy that on itunes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lbmixpro 1:06

Jan 25, 2008

lbmixpro 0:24

Jan 25, 2008

...and my money.

ZacAttack 1:11

Jan 21, 2008

i have my own song as well, and its about you! view it please!

shannonymous 0:12

Jan 20, 2008

You WERE a lifecaster? Does that mean you're not going to do normal lifecasting anymore?!


Jan 17, 2008

You have a beautiful voice, I can understand every word, unlike many other 'songers.'
It is lilting........? archaic chiefly Scottish a cheerful tune.? a pleasant, gently swinging rhythm in a song or tune.
ORIGIN late Middle English lulte (in the senses [sound (an alarm)] or [lift up (the voice)]

princessleah7x 0:23

Jan 15, 2008

yay! Verison FiOs = love

Collin1000 0:58

Jan 13, 2008

ding dong the witch is dead! Nah, we love ya. Good song!

Collin1000 0:01

Jan 13, 2008

Why do your videos load so much faster than everyone else???


Jan 13, 2008

"iJustine, the videoblogger who's almost as clever as she is blonde, flails about in an attempt to parody herself. The videoblogger mimics her viewers' invasive demands: taking her top off, poking out her eye with a fork, throwing herself under a truck. Don't bother watching -- she doesn't deliver on any of it. But is she self-aware, or should we just be wary?"
- Valleywag

nobody 0:05

Jan 12, 2008

echofoxtrot 0:28

Jan 11, 2008

Says a lot about us, though..


Jan 09, 2008

What a nut job!

rachelFACE 0:45

Jan 07, 2008

sweet shoe! i adore shoes =)

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